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Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Tablets

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Tablets
Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Tablets
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Product Code : 08
Brand Name : Akropure
Product Description

Taken quality as a prime concern, we have been committed to manufacture, supply and export quality assured Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Tablets. To meet the international quality standards, these tablets are processed using superior quality ingredients that are obtained from dependable sources of the market. These tablets are widely used for poultry farm disinfectants, hospital disinfectants, veterinary disinfectants and aqua disinfectants. Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Tablets are packed in tamper proof packaging to ensure secure shipment.

Striking features:

  • Purity
  • Accurate composition
  • Non-allergic
  • Longer shelf life

Other details:

Brand Name : Akropure

Akron Healthcare is the leading manufacturer of effervescent / non effervescent water purification tablets.

Akron Healthcare is the key supplier to the majority of leading retailers, institutions, relief organizations.

AKROPURE active ingredient, NaDCC (ACL60) is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 and has been approved / registered for drinking water treatment by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We manufacture under our own brands Akropure, Akrosept, and also produce own label product for specialist medical companies, major departmental stores, chemical distributors.

Akron Healthcare products are renowned throughout the industry for their reliability in disinfecting, sterilizing and protecting. We are exporting to various countries worldwide.


  • PROVEN to be effective against virtually all known Giardia, Bacteria, Virues, Spores, and other Water Borne Diseases.

  • SAFE to handle and store - no spillages or leaks.

  • COMPACT to store and transport - reduce storage and transport costs.

  • GREATER RESISTANCE TO ORGANIC LOAD as it contains 50% free available and 50% combined chlorine, creating an equilibrium.

  • ECONOMIC AND ACCURATE - no under or over dosing.

  • RECOMMENDED by leading infection control experts worldwide.

  • RAPID RELEASE of HOCL encouraging fast biocidal activity.

  • MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than alternative disinfectants.

  • FAST DISSOLVING and ready to use quickly.

  • No unpleasant taste, odour or colour, Iodine free water purification tablets.

  • Simple to use "unit dosage" tablet format.

  • Safe and stable tablets - 3year shelf life.

  • Tablets produce measurable residual free chlorine activity.

  • Tablets are Inexpensive, low cost per Litre.

  • Available in a wide selection of tablet sizes from 1 L to 1,00,000 Litres.

  • Sealed in durable foil packs and bulk pack (plastic containers) marked with both a Batch Number and 3 Year Expiry date.

  • Non-allergeic as compared to Iodine water purification tablets.

  • Release chlorine only when dissolved in water.

  • Tablet is in a stable form.

  • In water it releases hypochlorous acid, an active ingredient having biocidal activity against Gram Positive & Gram Negative bacteria, Bacterial Spores, fungi, algae, viruses etc.

  • Dissolves quickly in water forming clear disinfecting solution and acidic solution of ph up to 7.

When added to water AKROPURE (NaDCC) water purification tablets dissolve to release a measured dose of Hypochlorous acid (free available chlorine) that is universally recognized as a safe and effective water disinfectant. However, this unique water purification tablet, while chlorine based, will not colour the water or leave objectionable chemical tastes.

Akropure for fast treatment of water:
All tablets have a 30 minute treatment time.
Other tablet sizes also available.

Travel and Camping:

Whether you're travelling internationally for business or vacation, enjoying the great outdoors camping, hiking or canoeing or simply trying to keep the potable water supply safe within your camp, cottage, RV or Marine craft, AKROPURE can help. Waterborne bacteria, viruses, cysts and disease can quickly interrupt your plans. This means precious time spent away from family, friends and business, usually at the least convenient time.

Whether you're looking to purify 1 L or 20 L, maintain the water within your RV or sailboat, or clean and disinfect fruits, vegetables, spinach and other produce, Akropure can help. Akropure tablets are Ideal for travel / vacations, camping / outdoor sport, adventure racing, first-aid and survival kits, food preparation and emergency preparedness.

Emergency and Disaster
Akropure are used by all major aid agencies, NGOs, and peacekeeping/Defense forces worldwide for the treatment of human drinking water in emergency situations.
Akropure are ideal for the treatment of water for international travelers and for camping situations.
Water treated with Akropure is ready to drink within 30 minutes.

Household - Point of use
Akropure are a sustainable, very low cost solution to point of use household water treatment problems.


Peace Keeping / Defence Forces
Akropure are water purification tablets used by defense and peace keeping forces. Apart from extra strength tablets all tablets have a 30 minute treatment time.
(Light to carry & non hazardous for transportation).

Marine Application:
Safe drinking water for boating, yachting and other marine uses is very important for a healthy crew. Akropure are ideal for adding to water storage tanks to make water safe to drink particularly where safety of the source of the water is not assured.


Fruit and Vegetable Disinfection:

Disinfecting your fruit and vegetables prior to making sea journeys will reduce the risk of stomach infections.

Akropure and the Disinfection of Water System

After the construction of a well and installation of the pump, laying of mains and service pipework, or the building of a water storage structure, or if biological pollution has entered the water system, then the system should immediately be disinfected to kill any microorganisms present.

Wells / Tubewells
Spring Boxes or Silt Traps
Mains Pipe Disinfection
Service Pipe Disinfection
Water Structure Disinfection

Sterilising tablets for Baby’s Feeding Equipment

Akron Healthcare manufactures Baby Bottle Sterilising Tablets for use in hospitals and the home whether branded or own label.

AKROSEPT is a range of budget branded products manufactured to the same exacting standards demanded by Hospitals and Retail own label products - but less expensive.

In-house research indicates that mothers are not loyal to any particular brand of sterilising tablets but are rather more interested in value for money. That is why AKROSEPT Baby Bottle Sterilising Tablets sell so well in Multiple retailers, Pharmacy, Drug Stores and Cash & Carry.

Food and Catering

In today’s food industry, there is great importance placed on hygiene and cleanliness. Our Akropure-Fresh Salad Tablet range is suitable for the disinfection of salads, vegetables and non-peelable fruit. It can also be used to disinfect food preparation surfaces and equipment including walls, tiles, floors, cutlery, cloths and mops.

Hospital Disinfection
Our Akrosept range of water disinfection products are accepted and recommended around the world as the safer, more effective and economic disinfection system.

Cleaning Operation Theater, emergency wards, surgical wards washing of hands, gloves & other daily use articles, sterilizing of cloths uses by hospitals.

Water Purification
Many countries are not equipped to cope with natural disasters affecting the water systems. When these occur, our Akropure water purification tablets can be used to make water sterile and safe to drink. Our tablets are used globally by charities in areas hit by natural disasters and also where water sanitation is of poor standard. The range can also be used in the outdoor market by travellers and trekkers. Akropure water purification tablets make water sterile and safe quickly. Akropure tablets kill bacteria, spores, viruses and water borne diseases. It helps in prevention of diseases like diaorhea, cholera, typhoid, jaundice, gastro which predominantly spread through water contamination & is associated with high mortality rate.

Janitorial Cleaning

Our range is highly effective application in killing germs and bacteria. It can be used to disinfect areas of public use including schools, kitchens, rest homes and public toilets.

Available Strengths:

NaDCC 8.5mg;   Available Chlorine 5.1mg
NaDCC 17mg;    Available Chlorine 10.2 mg
NaDCC 33mg;    Available Chlorine 19.8 mg
NaDCC 67mg;    Available Chlorine 40.2 mg
NaDCC 75mg;    Available Chlorine 45 mg
NaDCC 167mg;  Available Chlorine 100.2mg
NaDCC 350mg;  Available Chlorine 210 mg
NaDCC 500mg;  Available Chlorine 300 mg
NaDCC 1.67gm; Available Chlorine 1.0 gm
NaDCC 2.0gm;   Available Chlorine 1.2 gm
NaDCC 2.5gm;   Available Chlorine 1.5 gm
NaDCC 3.5gm;   Available Chlorine 2.1 gm
NaDCC 4.0gm;   Available Chlorine 2.4 gm
NaDCC 8.5gm;   Available Chlorine 5.1 gm
NaDCC 8.68gm; Available Chlorine 5.20 gm
NaDCC 15gm;    Available Chlorine 9.0 gm
NaDCC 200gm;  Available Chlorine 120 gm

All strengths have available chlorine content of 60% or more.


Manufacturing Works Address

Akron Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
No-769 Rai Industrial Area
HSIDC, Sonepat, Haryana (INDIA).